Martin Puris asks..


Had a chance to meet with "Martin Puris": today. He's a god amongst advertising gods having run Ammirati Puris before selling to Interpublic. You might know the Ultimate Driving Machine or the original Volkswagon ads. Anyway, it was terrific to meet him and have him ask questions about marketing particularly blog style.
BTW, Martin, here are the links you asked about. This is what has happened to influentials in the 21st century:
* "Tom's Hardware": Started by Tom, its a broad site on technology but mainly PCs. They were the ones who exposed AMDs original problem with processor catching fire for instance 4-5 years ago.
* "Anand Tech": Anand Shrimpi does IMHO the very best technical analysis these days of processors and hardware. He's an amazing expert and his review beat the traditional magazine consistently.
For the new blogging community, it is amazing how new sites for gadgets are getting incredible readership:
* "": Coming from no where to here in eight months, this is a great review site of new gadgets.
* "": This is the micropublishing site. I actually find it kind of Ok, but not deep.
* "iPodlounge": The only site that really talks about the technical difficulties with the 4G iPod and is honest enough to say don't buy one until cache glitches are worked out.

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