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!{float: left; margin-right: 10px;}!: "": A cool site for the latest on the phone business. Interest phone news:
* "Motorola goes high-end": They are launching a $900 (!!!) phone called the Razr that must be amazing given the price point.
* "Camera phones to ship 205M in 2005": Wow these are now the standard phones. Amazing how fast technology moves.
* "3D games are the future on phones": Sega and everyone else is going 3-D. Will be interesting to see things go MPP (massively multiplayer).
* "5Mp phone from Samsung": This is the dream phone. 32MB flash on board and then an MMC card that is 64MB. Its QVGA and displays 32-bits worth of color. Cool. A slider design
* "Fox to recut 24 for mobile phones": IMHO this is future, take edgy shows like "24" and move them to the phone. Not watching Star Wars on the phone, but taking special angles on content that works there.
* "Vodafone 3G Live!": In Europe at least real 3G exists.