Website Decoder Ring


Folks have been asking us about all the weblogs we have running around. Here's a decoder ring of all the geeks around here:
"Geekfishing": Our blog for all the folks at "Ignition": Maintained by "Rich Tong": The chief geek maintainer of sites.
Here are the folks on our Telecom team:
* "Adrian Smith": My colleague Adrian invents things
* "Steve Hooper": This is what happens after you run AT&T Wireless, our partner, Steve Hooper
* "Bill Malloy": Lots of talk about politics and the
Here are the folks covering consumer and small business:
* "John Ludwig": John is the smartest guy I?ve ever know at making great consumer products, another partner here.
* "John Zagula": The guy who figured most marketing at Microsoft
* "Michelle Goldberg": A woman?s view of the VC business by one of the top folks in the business.