Alias Soundtrack


OK, I admit it, I got addicted to this show last year when I blew my knee out. When you watch 3 years of episodes in a week, it does something to your head. The main thing is that soundtrack is just amazing. Maybe it is me, but I thought it wasn't so much the show, but the soundtrack.
Must be sort of true, since the Alias Season 1 and Season 2 are the top iMix'es on iTunes. Here's a run down of some of my favorites and there is even a fan site "": that keeps track of it all making it easy to buy for season 2:
* Michelle Featherstone - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick. Here song Stay is just great. Also terrific in Episode 4 of Season 2. Amazing that this Alternative Indie artist is still unsigned. Born in England and now living in Hollywood, she's "great":
* "Cornershop": Another alternative rock group. What a great song from their 1997 album.
* "Boomkat": A brother and sister duo, I just love The Wreckoning. Like many others from the Alias list, they haven't produced much. Just that one track plus a hard to get album called
* "Supreme Beings of Leisure": Can you believe their genre is called electronic pop/trip hop? Anyway very danceable stuff. Under the gun is great from their debut album in 2000. Produced by Palm Pictures whatever that is.
* "The Cranberries": . Somehow I missed this group in the 1990s when I loved R.E.M. Anyway, Never Grow Old is a cool tune.
* "Stereo Mc's": A cool sound. Sofisticated is just a great sound. A great genre spinner, they are called hip hop, but don't sound like that to me. They've been around forever since 1985. Shame on me for not listening to them until now!
* "Matthew Good": A classic canadian rocker.
* "Coldplay": From their second album. A mellow tune, but the rest are really rocking.
* "Jimmy Eat World": A great melo track called emo-rock.
* "La Tour": An old song from 1991, this is electronica that still sounds pretty good. Song is called Blue.
* "Josh Kelley": A new act did his first in 2003.
* "The Breeders": They've been around a while since 1990
* "The Lawyer": As far as I can tell they only ever did one track, "I want to mmm" and there is nothing on the Internet. A great dance track.
For "Season 1":, in some whats the hottest tracks and lots of variety
* Vertical Horizons. Another act I've don't know much about.
* "Beth Orton": The song is "Ooh Child". "Ooh Child" was originally done by Chicago soul group The Five Stairsteps. All five members were actual brothers and sisters, and their somewhat odd name derives from the band's mother, Betty Burke, who remarked one day that her five musical offsprings resembled stair steps when they were lined-up next to each other according to age. In any case, it is on a rarities track, so you might want to try some of her other albums. "Central Reservation": is her most popular album on