Jansport Moby

JanSport Moby – eBags. I’ve been using an old rolling backpack for long trips and got a $90 laptop convertible bag from ebags.
It is a nice bag if all you want to do is to carry a laptop and books. The problem is that its padding make it impossible to make it a daytripper. Also, it doesn’t open wide enough to put everything inside.
Also the padding is really overkill with today’s notebooks and takes up an amazing amount of space. Net, net, I woulnd’t recommend this $90 thing.
I’m going to try a $50 Jansport Moby. This is closer to what I need. Has one large compartment so I can jam stuff in. With a 3 lb laptop, the padding issues really aren’t as great.
It also has a water bottle holder and big wheels. Wish me luck!

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