Had a chance to hang out in sunny San Diego to day. A few interesting notes:
* BREW Today. Fun to visit with the our buddies at Qualcomm. They have a one pager site that gives BREW status.
* “Flo”:http://www.qualcomm.com/press/releases/2004/041101_mediaflo_700mhz.html. A very interesting thing they are doing to provide a nationwide network on 700MHz for next generation TV, radio and all other multicasting services. Very smart to use a new air interface dedicated to this. They have a content distribution system that is independent of this new network. Interesting to think about this as another platform.
* “Trigenix”:http://www.trigenix.com/. Acquired by Qualcomm, they have a cool customization and skinning. Very cool.
* “Iridigm”:http://www.iridigm.com/. Another acquisition. An amazing display technology. Looks great in bright sunlight and is ultralow power. Wow, this is going to make a big difference.
* “SecureMSM”:http://www.cdmatech.com/solutions/products/securemsm.jsp. A smart thing happening at Qualcomm is getting to a secure process built into the core.

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