TomsNetworking Tom’s Hardware WL-HDD2.5 review.
Well I’ve struggled with the Linksys NSLU2. In talking with a buddy, the problem is that it won’t work with just any enclosure, the new Maxstor II enclosure works perfectly though, so don’t use a cheesy one, it is very sensitive to the USB2.0 interface since it pushes it so hard. Now that enclosure and hard disk is so expensive it hardly makes it worthwhile.
So onto the next product, the ASUS product is a little more at $85, but is an 802.11g device, so it is really a throw it in the corner box. Also, it is an enclosure too, so there won’t be this compatibility problem. It takes a small 2.5″ disk so you can’t throw a monster drive in quite yet, but 100GB isn’t bad for the average home. Plus, this thing is portable.
The thing I like best is that it supports standard formatted drives. The NSLU2 only support Linux formatted. That means that you can just take the drive out and use it if necessary.
Also it is its own access point. Very useful on the road. Plug it into the hotel Wifi connection and you are off and to the races.

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