Finding a 4-port VOIP gateway


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VoIP Hardware and Software Products. Here's a list of VOIP hardware. Its actually quite hard to find a good review site that tells you how to put together a small multiline system with an existing PBX. I probably just don't know the queries yet. Here is one site that talk about gateways.
What I want to do is have lots of VOIP calls into my house so that I never see a busy signal again either inbound or outbound and the cost is low, low. The equivalent with PSTN (the phone company, a.k.a public switched telephone network would require 4 analog lines or about $150 per month).
Here are some alternatives such as the "Medaitrix 1104": This thing has an Ethernet connection at one end and on the other end, it has four analog phone connections to connect with existing PBXes.
Its a piece of hardware so it isn't clear how to get Vonage for instance to support a box like this. Costs $600. Amazing given that it is essentially just a microprocessor running some software. I wonder if a softPBX or some freeware on a PC isn't a cheaper idea. Seems like someone has probably hacked this up 🙂
Then there are things called analog adapters that appear to be for consumers. So the "Azacall": is a 2-port analog to VOIP adapter. Linksys makes something very similar that has 2 ports. Its interesting that a pair of 2-port consumer adapters is so cheap compared with the 4-port. Probably differential pricing based on small business vs. home.

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  1. I have just done a similar thing at home as you are considering. Here is what I decided on and works great, but first some terms:
    FXS = Jacks normal Analog Phones plug into.
    FXO = A normal analog line that comes into the house.
    So here is what I bought:
    Sipura SPA-2000 $100(for SIPFXS)
    X100P FXO card $30 via Ebay
    Sipura SPA-2000 URL:
    If I were to do this again, I would consider the Sipura SPA-3000 and not use the X100P card. The SPA-3000 has both an FXO port (incoming Analog) and 2 FXS ports (Jacks for you analog handsets)
    Additionally, I am moving from my asterisk server as the hub of EVERYTHING (including SIP calls from the internet) to an SER server. Here is the URL:
    SER will act as the “switchboard” with additional features such as SIMPLE (smell like MS Live Communications Server?), Jabber gateway, etc. And use my Asterisk server as it should be, as a PBX and Voicemail device. Example. FXO rings into SER. SER rings my FXS ports. No answer. SER rings Asterisk VM box. FXO leaves VM and hangs up.
    Clear as mud?…GREAT! At any rate, I hope this helps and good luck playing.

  2. The Vonage type “consumer” devices are almost always FXSSIP converters (single FXS). Many (including Vonage) lock-down the boxes, so you can’t use them for anything but their service. I understand many will unlock them for after you discontinue services for something like $30.

  3. After you get your VoIP stuff running, you should jack into a bunch of “free” SIP to PSTN services (they are usually trying to sell you outgoing Long Distance at 2 cents a min…to 1/2 the planet). They will give you other incoming PSTN numbers on different area codes:
    (I am 360-519-5397)
    (I am 646-225-7248)
    (I am 0870-3403594)

  4. I am using Skype and Skype out with a to plug a normal POTS phone into my USB port. Works like a charm. No PBX services, but I don’t really need them until I build my new house. Then I am going to go with a SIPURA card like Todd. I posted about Sipura over a year ago when they got funding since their founder really knows his stuff. I am buying the unlocked box all day long.

  5. The Voxzone X100P is a single FXO interface for connecting the Asterisk PBX server to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Voxzone X100P is 100% compatible with the Digium X100P and the Asterisk PBX .
    Using Voxzone X100P and the Asterisk PBX, one can easily such services like callback services(need 2 cards), calling card business, voip gateways and IVR.
    Implement your own fully functional PBX with all the bells and whistles. Its as easy as getting a voxzone X100P card and loading the free Trixbox V2.0 CD in your spare PC. So why delay? get a voxzone X100P card and get your home on VOIP.

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