Colorvision Spyder2Pro and Printfix


Well, I've been scanning quite a few 35mm slides now and getting quite good at it. My monitor and printer still aren't calibrated though and with the Spyder2Pro finally in distribution at about $240 or $100 more with Printfix, its time to look seriously at buying one.
Here are some reviews:
* PrintFIX. Basically, the point is that with printer and paper from the same vendor, you don't need this. But, if you use different paper, then calibration really helps. PrintFix ($339 street with SpyderPro2). It is actually a tiny scanner. So you print a page, then scan it back in again and the software compares the images. The main issue the reviewer had is the USB driver torched his machine.
* "Northlight Images": Another PrintFix review with an update for the august 2004 firmware version "1.2":, His basic point is that the scam has tp ne good to get good qua;ity so it works for him.
* "Nature Photographers": 03/jc0903-1.html, this is a 2003 review.
The new spyder2pro comes off netter:
* "xyz computing":http://www.xyzajor not a deep review but no major bugs foumd.
* "camera hobby": very extemsive review and goes over lvd calibratiom whivh this did well.
Pricegrabber now monitors prices for the gpu128 which is the standalone spyder2pro and gpu129 which imc;udes printfix.