Bluetooth and Wifi collision

0 New OQO WIFI Drivers!!! Dated 11/11/04. _Hat tip to, this is exactly my problem, I see a signal, but DHCP hangs. Sounds like the fix is to deinstall the Bluetooth drivers_
While I was in an experimenting mood, I tried something else in an attempt to get to the bottom of the problem I had at the client's office the other day. Most of the wireless networks I deal with are unencrypted, but the one in this particular office uses 64-bit WEP.
At home, I set up a spare access point with 64-bit WEP, and tried to connect it it. I got the same result I got yesterday afternoon, namely that I apparently got an address from the DHCP server, but that Windows hung up on actually setting up the network. It was communicating with the AP, but something else wasn't happening.
Without moving the computer, I uninstalled the 'OQO Bluetooth Radio' device in the Device Manager. Within seconds, the WEP-encrypted network was working.
I then reinstalled the Bluetooth device and paired my keyboard, mouse, and phone, after which the network connection was still there. Both the Bluetooth and the WiFi worked normally at that point.
I tried this several times with slightly different configurations, and I am pretty confident in saying that with Bluetooth active, I cannot initiate WEP WiFi connections; with Bluetooth inactive, they work 'normally' (i.e. just like on an unencrypted network, which means the connections are dropped relatively often and Windows says that it's 'acquiring network address' every few minutes -- even when it's not configured to use DHCP).
Definitely not a problem of interference, then, but of a driver defect. There's nothing different about the radio signal involved in a WEP network vs. an unencrypted one, unencrypted networks work 'fine' (see above), and Bluetooth WEP works 'well' when Bluetooth is enabled after the WEP connection is active.