“PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_POOL”:http://kadaitcha.cx/0x50_error.html. I hope you never get this blue screen. Calvin’s machine is really sick. Got a bunch of these errors and then found out that the disk would refuse to boot with a NO SYSTEM DISK FOUND.
Even using the Recovery Console (F8 with a Windows XP disk) didn’t help. Could see the system disk (a Western Digital WD740GD), but couldn’t get it to boot even after using FIXBOOT and FIXMBR.
This reminded me of another strange problem which is related to the Western Digital DiamondMax 10 300GB. The Chaintech VNF3-250 will refuse to boot if this drive is the second SATA drive. It will only boot if the WD740GD is second and the DiamondMax is first. The machine hanges on IDE dectection. SEems like some sort fo conflict with that drive.
So it seems like I have two problems this system fault which could be from just about anything and this conflict with the DiamondMax. Welcome to 2005!
The big suggestion is that is normally means bad memory, which would explain a lot. Well, I installed memtest86+ and low and behold I’ve got memory errors gallor. So I’ll need to see if this is because of the memory setting or what, but it looks like the culprit is a memory stick gone bad. How sad. Its a new stick of Crucial Ballistix memory.

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