Santa Cruz Juliana


Someone wanted to get a new bike from Santa Cruz Bikes. Here are the notes on buying a Juliana that "MTBR": likes although few folks have it.
* They have a great site for picking colors. She liked the orange with the black arm.
For the front shocks, they now have a couple of choices:
* "Manitou Minute 2": This got 4.12 out of 5 on MTB review. It has SPV technology, so it rides like a rigid frame until you get a good bump and then the shock trips. Great for cross country bikes. Works best with SPV behind it such as a Fifth Element then you have rigid on both sides. Expensive at $600 list, but the latest technology.
* "Rockshox Duke XC Air": This is a nice looking fork, but the folks at MTBR don't like it much. Its a good lighter fork, although the Team SID of course is the lightest.
* "Rockshox Pilot XC": The lowest cost of all lists for $189.
* "Fox F100 RLT": This has been getting great reviews. Expensive at $650 list, but raves on MTBR.
Rear shocks have three choices:
* "Fox Float R": Not well reviewed. Main issue is durability it looks like. Rides well.
* "Fox Float RP3": This is a new for 2005 model. No more lockout, but adds RP3 to get similar performance. Claims to be the lightest rear shock there is and well loved on "MTBR": Since the Juliana is only a single pivot, you need a fancy shock like this. Like the Swinger and the Fifth Element, this is anti bob.
* "Manitou Swinger SPV Three-Way": This is the Manitou version of SPV technology. Good reviews on performance, but several folks have had problems with it leaking air, so caveat emptor.
* "Progressive Fifth Element Air": This was the first shock with SPV and it works great when it works. Main issue has been maintenance