USB Phone Charger

ZIP-KIT-NK1 ZIP-LINQ Retractable Nokia Phone Charger Kit at NOw that I have USB connection for just about everything, I can charge my Blackberry, iPod, Bluespoon AX headset all from my laptop or any USB connection, the only thing left is my Nokia 6620 phone. Here’s the $20 solution from Tigerdirect. Its got the right […]

USB External Hard Drive

Deb asked me what’s the cheapest way to upgrade her Dell “Inspiron 8100”: and not have to buy a new laptop. A great question since laptops are not that upgradeable and they are expensive. She was thinking about buying a new 60GB hard drive and an additional 256MB of memory for a $300 upgrade. Given […]


Joystick Directory at Joystick Review. No one seems to be playing flight simulators anymore, so the reviews I’ve seen of joysticks are usually a couple of years old. Microsoft has even exited the business, although ebay has quite a few SideWinder “Force Feedback 2”:’s around. Thye have a great rating of 89.5 out of 100. […]

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