USB Phone Charger

ZIP-KIT-NK1 ZIP-LINQ Retractable Nokia Phone Charger Kit at NOw that I have USB connection for just about everything, I can charge my Blackberry, iPod, Bluespoon AX headset all from my laptop or any USB connection, the only thing left is my Nokia 6620 phone. Here’s the $20 solution from Tigerdirect. Its got the right USB to power adapter plus a DC-to-DC convertor since the phone needs 6V and USB is just 5V.
Also comes with an in-car charger that is 12V in the car to USB. Wow, another charger gone and now every device can get recharged in the car. Not bad for $20.
All the gory compatibility details are on the “Ziplinq”: site.
You can also get the “M01”: kit for $15 if you don’t need the in-car charger. This also gives about a zillion other connectors for Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson adn Nokia phones in trade for the in-car charger.
Of if you really need the AC adapter and the car charger, get the “ZIP-CELL-Kit1”: from Tiger for $25.

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