Linksys WRT54GP2


TomsNetworking Product Reviews : TomsNetworking :. _Here is the perfect combo device for $100 or so. It has Wifi, router and also is a 2-port VOIP phone system. Quality on Vonage was only OK according to them._
The bottom line for me is that the GP2 is a very good, feature-rich, hardware based firewall / router, with decent wireless performance and QoS features that are essential for setting the balance between VoIP and other bandwidth-hungry applications. But I'll be keeping my old telephone.
To test the performance of the VoIP side of the GP2, I turned to "": This is a free service run by Brix Networks in hopes that it will whet your appetite for their pay-for VoIP performance management products. lets you run two types of tests. The first uses a Java applet to make a VoIP call to Boston, Helsinki, London, Montreal, San Jose or Sydney. This test essentially tests the fitness of your computer and Internet connection for handling VoIP traffic. The second (which requires free registration) lets you make a voice call to a "Golden Phone", which measures the actual voice quality of a call made through a VoIP service.
I then made a call to the site's "Golden Phone" and got a score of 4.4. Here's what the site says about the testing results:
bq. "While the theoretical MOS scale tops out at 5.0, practically speaking, you won't get a 5.0 score no matter how good your network connection is. That's because VoIP codecs introduce some amount of quality loss. For example, the maximum MOS score you can achieve with the quality-preserving G.711 codec is 4.4. For the low-bandwidth G.729 codec, the maximum is only 4.2.