DDR 600 on DFI nForce4

MADSHRIMPS – Hardware Reviews ,Crazy Projects, Modding Tutorials and Overclocking. _Here’s what I’ll ultimately do when the new Venus chips come out next month, its a way to get your Athlon to run memory at 300 MHz!_
bq. Recently G.Skill PC4400/4800 became the hottest memory on the market together with OCZ PC4800 based on Samsung TCCD…Soon AMD will launch two new cores named ?Venice and San Diego? (revision E3 and E4). These cores have an upgraded instruction set (SSE3) and a better memory controller. The chance that you will have a ?bad? memory controller on the Winchester core is 6 of 10. When you have a good controller, this does not mean you will reach those speeds 100% around DDR500~600. The RAM must be tuned, that?s why I’ve created this guide.

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