AnandTech: Intel’s Pentium M Desktop Part II: ASUS’ Pentium M to Pentium 4 Socket Adapter. _If I build more Pentium M systems, getting the CT-479 plus P4P800-SE bundle is mandatory. Makes most sense for gaming applications._
Currently, ASUS is listing the CT-479 as a part of a bundle with the P4P800-SE, priced at $130. At that price, the solution is almost half the price of the DFI 855GME motherboards, and you get all of the benefits of the 865 chipset.
With the CT-479, ASUS has effectively demolished all other desktop Pentium M solutions. There’s no reason to even consider a 855GME motherboard from AOpen or DFI; the ASUS solution is cheaper, better performing and is even a much more stable overclocker. Kudos to ASUS for a job extremely well done with the CT-479. It’s the only option that we’d recommend for those interested in a desktop Pentium M system.
That being said, despite being paired with enough memory bandwidth, the Pentium M continues to fall behind in desktop performance. As a gaming platform and as a general purpose/office machine, the Pentium M does fairly well, but it is in content creation, workstation and media encoding applications that the Pentium M continues to fall behind.

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