Samsung 920T


X-bit labs - Closer Look at the 19" Monitor Features. Part III (page 24) - Samsung 920T. I got a Samsung 193P as a result of Xbitlabs reviews, here's an update for newer models.
Again, they liked the Samsung units quite a bit. In this case, they liked the color reproduction of the Samsung 920T. These models seem to change every 10 minutes, but this is the nicest one right now.
For you techno-geeks, it uses a PVA matrix for the LCD screen so it is got great color, contract and backlighting, but isn't going to be really great for gaming which requires a very fast changing of the pixels.
THey also reviewed the "193P": which is an earlier release. Main things to note are that it is probably overblown at its defaults of 80% brightness and 50% contrast, so he turned it down to 39% brightness and 40% contrast to get to a lower luminance of 100nit (so the color reproduction is better). Basically, it is very good, but the new 920T is slightly better.