Sony HDR-FX1 Camcorder

0 : Review : DVdoctor Column: March 2005 : Page - 1/1. [At the] tail end of 2004 when Sony introduced its amazing new FX1 HDV camcorder. This is a genuinely revolutionary product. Along with its companion model the Z1, the FX1 is set to seriously shake up the world of DV camcorders. It's impact may be akin to that of Sony's VX1000 MiniDV model which sounded the death knell for analogue camcorders.
But Sony - of all companies - seems to have forgotten the problems that its incompatible tape formulations caused in the early days of DV, judging by what we're seeing happen right now with HDV tape.
_Basically, these are HDTV camcorders, I'm lusting for one. The problem is that they will clog and die if you use Sony's new specific tape and then put in someone elses. Something about the formulation of the tape lubricants, so beware if you get one_
See "": for more information to drool over. It does list for $3700 (the professional one is a cool $4900 and is called the HVR-Z1). For you techno geeks, it records in 1080i so it is incredilby high quality and is big and bulky too, but who cares, HD for your kids birthday party.