Last Minute Bike Shopping

So here is what I finally got to get ready for the STP. Lots of miscellaneous last minute things: * Campagnolo Record C10 Ultra Chain. “Biketiresdirect”: has them for $48 plus a flat $6 shipping per order. A good price. Slightly lower than $50 from “Colorado Cyclist”:,225,479&TextMode=0 if you hit the $150 minimum for free […]

Veloflex Pave or Veloflex Black

“”: has a pretty decent list of great tires. I’ve been using Veloflex Open Pave for a while now. Just 180 grams and super fast. They have been pretty durable now. They only last about 2,000 miles for me in the rear mainly because if you hit glass with them, they cut fast. You can […]

MDX HandsFreeLink

HandsFreeLink : Frequently Asked Questions HandsFreeLink is standard on the 2004 and 2005 Acura TL models, the 2005 RL, and any 2005 MDX equipped with the Touring Package. This feature lets you connect any Bluetooth mobile phone to the onboard speaker system and microphone of an MDX. A great feature never discussed. Here is how […]

Podcast Recording Equipment

PORTABLE PODCASTING RECORDING EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS | The Sound Professionals, Inc.. I’ve been getting things from Sound Professionals. They are great. Now they are pre bundling equipment for podcasting which is great. Unlike trying to mate an iRiver iFP-799 with a microphone, these are more dedicated devices. I actually think while more expensive these will ergonomically […]

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