Blackberry 3.7

0 : Your Number One BlackBerry Community - 7230 3.7 os upgrade. _Now that I'm stable and back to the original 3.7 from 2003, it would be nice to get some of the later features like calendar sync. Here is how..._
This is because there are so many different versions of 3.7. Some of them are buggy. If you want the best version of 3.7, I highly recommend Cingular's which is newest (115 is bigger than 37 and 41):
Select the 7280 device. The 7230/7280 software is the same, but the site has both and also Use for 7230s since they only have 16MB of memory while works fine for the newer 32MB 7280s.
Other versions are: (This is the version that I have right now from T-mobile)
If you have always been interested in trying instant messaging (VeriChat MSN/ICQ/AIM), it is time to upgrade to BlackBerryOS 4