Passport Renewal


Applications and Forms. Wow, this has gotten way easier since the last time that I did it.
The big changes:
# They take digital photos now. I paid $14 at Kinkos to have mine done, but I could have done it with a digital photo. The only requirement is the photo be at least 2"x2".
# You can send it in by mail for $67 and for rush it is $125 or so. If you send by 2-day overnight, then you can get this in two weeks.
# The forms are online. Since I'm renewing, it is DS-82, but the cool thing is that is it an Adobe PDF that you can edit online and then print it so that it looks professional. DS-11 by the way is the form for going in person.
# Perhaps just as easy is that many post offices will now do this in person. There are some locations that are offbeat but I bet will be pretty quick. For instance, the Medina City Hall is open 9-4pm M-F. City of Clyde Hill is 8-11:30AM MWTh.