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Haven't done this in a while, but to remind folks here is the workflow that I use and here is the work flow
# Video Explosion Deluxe. This is an old program, but I use it to capture the video from the DV Camera and to build up the scenes. It is underneath really Sonic Foundry, now a Sony tool. Use this tool to do the video capture and also the basic editing. That is selecting the clips that you want. You can then pikc
# Besweet. I like to pick up music behind the scenes. Makes it seem more professional. Besweet is a freeware tool that can take just about any audio format. In particular the CD format which is 44.1KHz and convert it to a 48KHz Wave file suitable for adding to Video Explosion Deluxe and then use that program to output a DV output AVI file.
# "Tmpgenc":http://www.tmpgenc.net/. The Tempest video encoder. This is the most efficient amateur MPEG2 encoder (the format of DVDs) that I know. They have both a freeware version for 30 days then you have to go to Pegasys and pay for it.
# "DVD-Lab Standard":http://www.mmbforums.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=9. This is a DVD authoring tool. It is from a small guy, but I like supporting them. Right now on its v1.33. From Media-Chance. Once you have the
# Nero Express. This tool actually does the burning of the CD.
# PowerDVD. You need this to play DVDs and also to get the MPEG2 Decoder. Usually, you can get this with your DVD drive.
There are some integrated tools now. I've heard good things about Nero's production tool for instance and also Adobe Premiere Elements
Finally, there are some good utilities as well including:
* "GSpot":http://www.headbands.com/gspot/. This you can point to a video file and figure out exactly what codecs it needs
* "Encspot":http://www.guerillasoft.co.uk/ . Same idea but for audio files.

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  1. I actually prefer to just use Nero for the whole thing- using NeroVision Express 3. The only downside is that its a step-by-step kinda thing, but the DVD and video and capturing aspect are all nicely puit together.
    One thing I want to try is Sony’s low-end video editing stuff- Vega Movie Studio + DVD – $99 and includes the DVD archeitech (sp) software. Pretty nice from Sony’s site description.

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