Snohomish County Rides


Community Transit Online - Smile and Ride. Had a great day doing a 90 miler with Dave and "Peter": It was cold and riany and then incredibly windy, nevertheless, we got up to Everett and then Snohomish. Never did find Monroe and then Duvall and Carnation though.
Here are some notes on how to get to places:
# When you are coming up the Burke-Gilman Trail from Seattle, when you get to the Bothell rest area, take a left. This puts you on 175th and takes you thru Woodenville. This is actually a nice ride if you take it early in the AM or a terrible ride if you do later with all the traffic.
# You can get up the hill on Woodenville-Duvall Place and then take a right going east towards Duvall. This road, thanks to zillions of housing developments and no urban planning is incredibly busy, so be careful.
# At the next light, make a left at 165th, this puts you on the road to Snohomish County.
# You follow this road until you get to the Chevron (a couple of miles) and there is Paradise Lake Road, make a left instead and cross SR522 (be careful, during the day, this is just terrible unless you hit it early).
# Make a right at the T in the road and then look for Broadway. "Broadway": winds and windws and takes you eventually to "Lowell Larimer Road":, cross over the SR9 and you have a nice cruise up to Everett for about 10 miles.
# Eventually you end up at Lowell and the Lowell River Park, make a right and take Snohomish River Road back to Snohomish
# The road Ts into Airport Way, make a left and then the next right and then a right on Lincoln to get out of Snohomish.
# This becomes Old Snohomish-Duvall Road and in a little bit, you'll end up in "Monroe":
# Go through on Main Street and then make a right onto Lewis Street. This is the start of the very busy SR203. A mile or so out of town, make a right a Tualco Rd to get out of the traffic. This then becomes Crescent and deadends into W Snoqualmie Valley Road. Its a climb up but worth it.
Now you are in the Snoqualmie Valley, so you get take W Snoqaulmie Valley Road back to King County and eventually Carnation, then across to Issaquah-Fall City Road and eventually through Pine Lake and back to East Sammamish Way.
What a ride. We actually miseed the Lincoln area ride because I got confused and was looking for the way to Monroe. We'll to try it again sometime.