Speedplay maintenance

Bicycling Forums. My Speedplay X/1 pedals seized up. Well, looks like you do need to lubricate them particularly when it rains. I have the older speedplays that don’t have an injection port. If you aren’t ready, here is what you need:
Most auto parts stores sell a needle adapter like shown below for under $10 at “Tool Warehouse”:http://www.thetoolwarehouse.net/shop/LNC-5803.html
For Speedplay X-1 and X-2 you also need an adapter called a Speedy Luber for about $6. Find it at “Performance”:http://www.performancebike.com/shop/Profile.cfm?SKU=479&Store=Bike
X-3’s don’t need the Speedy Luber inject the grease.
There’s maintenance guides in PDF format available at “Speedplay”:http://www.speedplay.com/

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