STP in 2 Weeks

Well, there are just two weeks to go. Here’s the final training schedule
| Week Ending | Total | Mon | Weds | Sat | Sun |
| June 26 | 150 | 30 | | 80 | 40 |
| July 3 | 120 | 30 | | 60 | 40 |
| July 10 | 236 | 20 | 10 | 206 | Done! |
So, I’m a little off this schedule. Did 100 miles this Saturday, but need to get 40 miles then 30 then 80 then 40 through the coming long weekend.
Also, just went to Gregg’s and learned some depressing things about my bicycle. Basically, I’ve been overusing it. Another lesson that although a chain may be in the wear range. That is not stretched, it will certainly cause the cogset to get worn. Net, net, on the eve of it all, here is what’s happened:
Topolino wheelset. Basically, the rear wheel hub is loose, so the folks at Gregg’s had to clean and rebuild it. There aren’t instructions from this from “Topolino Tech”:, but you essentially, remove the cogset and then there is a set screw that you remove and the whole bearing system comes out. Turns out that the pawls and everything else was rusty and gunky, so put it back together. There is also now a wobble, so I need to true it. The bad news is the guy said that the wheelset had fraying. Topolino will rehab the thing for $50 for new bearings and $50 for retruing and tensioning the wheels. As usual, these are strange wheels, so it is not like they like it. Rather I just use Mavics. _I just spoke with Jason over at Topolino, he says the fraying is not a big deal, but does recommend bringing it back in._
Cogset. Two shops have said the teeth are worn. It makes sense to me now that two have said it. The chain they say is already 75% worn and I just put it on. I had this problem before where a worn cogset then blew a chain. Since I’ve done 250 miles on this chain, it might really happen. He also claimed that my front cranks are worn. Hard to believe that. I have a spare 12-25 cogset from my other bike, so I’ll try that and put another new chain on it. Hope that helps. Also says I had an 11-tooth cogset holder and I needed a 12-tooth. I remember this vaguely, so need to put that on. I’m guessing what has happened is that using an 11-tooth holder has made the cassette wiggle and increased wear on it.
Ergolevers. Says that the Ergolevers are worn. Could be. They are just 2,000 miles old though, so hard to believe. I do have another Ergolever, so I can swap that as well.
Cadence sensor. It is on the drive side and he says it should be on the other side to preven interference with the cables. Easy to do so will get to tonight.
Pulley bolt. I have a Polor Power Output pulley bolt. I don’t know where my Record pulley bolt is. Hard to believe that is an issue but should do for hygiene.
Bent derailleur hanger. The most depressing thing, the derailleur hanger is bent. He tried to straighten but it didn’t hold. Said that metal fatigue on the drop meant that the frame had to go back to the factory to be replace. How sad. I can probably hang on till after the STP for that (I hope). Not clear how it got bent though as I didn’t crash and it has been straight.

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