Speedplay Lubrication


I've been trying to figure out how to lube these babies. I got the Speedy Luber pieces, but these just leak like a sieve when I try to inject grease into them. The original design had a plastic cap without a hole in it. The newer X/1 pedals have something with a philips screw and a hole in it that you inject grease into it.
If have been lazy like me and didn't do this every three months as recommended, you can't force the grease through the bearings, so you have to either call Speedplay to have them rebuild it or disassemble the thing.
It is actually not too hard according to the instructions. Basically, you have to take off the dust cap and then heat the screw inside with a soldering iron, then you use a T-20 Torx (why don't people all just use Philips). There is a retainer clip you pull out with pliers and then two sets of sealed roller bearings fall out. Lubricate these and you are good to go at aleast according to Daily Peloton - Pro Cycling News
_User maintainable. The pedals contain sealed unit replaceable roller bearings that can be purchased from any stock bearing supplier in Yellow Pages. All pedals also have needle roller bearings, which are still going strong on my original pedals. The pedals come with a speedy luber plastic cap that can be used to inject grease into the pedal. I find it is more effective to take the pedal apart and grease in that way, but lazy, non-mechanical types can do it the recommended way!!_