Gearbox Software Forums – How to FIX Mouse LAG in Menu and Sound Errors. _Back from holiday and managed to fry one machine and can’t get Brother in Arms to work. Here is one fix. Arrgh. It is amazing how hard it is to fix things. This involved files not being copied properly from the DVD._
How to fix Menu Mouse LAG and Sound
Hey guys don’t know if the following will also help you in fixing the weird mouse lag in the menu and also during game play.
First of all, I installed the game from my DVD again, again and again, hoping to fix the problem. I used botman’s .bat files to see if I had anything missing, and the first time around nothing was missing.The BIA.txt file was moaning about a lot of soundcue files and stuff that are missing. These files are another “Botman post”: and you load them into C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArms
After running the CheckBIA.bat again, I said that I had some files missing, but the weird thing is, all the files in the missinginaction.txt file were already on my HDD. So I used the CopyBIA_DVD.bat files to copy the files from the DVD to my HDD.
It extracted all those files specified from the missinginaction.txt file. So now I thought I was cured. NOT!! I ran the game after extracting the files and still the mouse lag, and game sound lag was there. Went back to the CheckBIA.bat file and ran it again, now it was only looking for some of the support files, which were on my HDD already, but it still required one little sound file, namely: m_ambush.uax.
This was the only file that didn’t want to extract from the DVD using CopyBIA_DVD.bat (it gave me a -3 error) or copy off my DVD during installation.
Then I got a stroke of genuis. I installed the demo which I had on a cover disk of our local games magazine.
After installation I made my way through to the Sound folder and looked for the m_ambush.uax file.
The file was THERE! I then copied the file(the demo’s m_ambush.uax file is only 1kb in size) from the demo’s sound files to the full version’s Sound directory and WALLA!!

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