ProntoPro NG TSU7000


I’ve been using the ProntoPro TSU6000 for a long time now. In fact there is one at our house and both our parents house. They are the easiest I think to use because of the touchscreen. Now, Phillips has finally introduced a replacement RC: Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000 & Marantz RC9500 Remote Control Review (2)
As always, progress marches onwards. Philips has at long last returned color to the Pronto line with the release of the $999 USD MSRP ProntoPro NG TSU7000, which upgrades the TSU3000 with 32mb of memory and an active matrix LCD screen supporting 65,000 colors. The TSU7000 costs exactly the same as the former TSU6000, and is available in Europe as the SBC-RU980.