Magellan Firmware

Magellan :: Support :: Product Support. _I have a now old Magellan SporTrak Pro, incredibly confusing what firmware to load. The thing doesn’t have that much memory, so the tradeoff is that if you want tides and currents you need to use the specialized Marine firmware, otherwise, if you want both on street routing and the BlueNav charts, you use standard. See below_
For most people who want to use their GPS with DirectRoute and BlueNav, the right choice is the Standard receiver firmware. It will do street routing if a DirectRoute map is active, and it will do all functions except marine tides and currents when a BlueNav chart is active. Conversly, if you choose the Marine firmware load because you really need tides and currents, you can use DirectRoute maps, search POIs, etc. but you can’t street route with that firmware. The one exception is SporTrak Color – it has only one firmware load, and it can do both routing and tides/currents. Firmware Update CD 1.00e contains all the current firmware, Standard and Marine, and detailed instructions on their uses. Firmware for handhelds can also be downloaded from the Magellan website.

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