Seattle Geocaching


Hey we are going to do a little geocaching and playing with a GPS. I no idea that Mike Teague invented the idea in Seattle. Kind of cool really as told in a
Groundspeak – Brief History of Geocaching When the GPS signal degradation called Select Availabilty (SA) was removed by the Clinton Administration May 1st, 2000 (statement), it opened up the possibility of games like geocaching (finding hidden stuff where you take and leave stuff), benchmarking (finding little survey points), geodashing (find a location and write about it in a log)
In any case, here are some links to use to prepare:
* “”: They have a big list of geocache sites.
* “Buxley’s”: actually has a higher page rank. They also have a cool mapping function. I’m sure they’ll incorporate into Google Earth soon!
* “EasyGPS”: You need a microapplication that takes things in the open geocaching formats and that can stuff them into your GPS. EasyGPS seems like a decent one.
Some of these sites don’t really need a GPS but it is kind of fun. Some interesting ones in Seattle that are in and around Lake Washington:
* “Finding Nirvana”: Kurt Cobain rules!
* “If I Had Bill’s Billions”: Denny Blaine
* “Go Ahead, Make My Day”: Under the I-90
* “That’ Just Plane Weird, Charles”:
* “Wash Out for That Lake”: Seward Park. One of the oldest in Seattle.
* “Kite Lady’s Flight”: Magunuson Park.
* “North from the Source”: Luther Burbank Park multi-cache site.
* “VIAL 30301”: Waverly Park in Kirkland.
* “Turtles”: Kiwanis Park also in Kirkland a little farther north.