GeForce 6800 and nForce 3 stutters


nV News Forums - GeForce 6800 and random freezes. I've been battling this for a week now. When I swapped my ATI 9800 card out of my Chaintech so that I could use it for an HTPC in my home theater, little did I know I'd land in a heap of trouble. Although nVidia makes both the 6800 and the nForce 3, they have terrible problems with what is called stuttering or random freezes.
I thought it was just on my latest game, Brothers in Arms and since the audio looped I thought it was the audio drivers. Turns out now, it also happens with Far Cry and the thread shows that it is related to the AGP on the nForce 3. Basically, you have to turn Fast Writes off on AGP and it gets better, but doesn't completely go away.
You do have to use a third party tool called RivaTuner to do this because BIOS changes are ignored apparently the driver.
The deeper problem is something called the GART driver, this comes from nVidia and has some sort of problem with the 6800GT's AGP implementation.
So good luck all if you have this unlucky combination, then turn off fastwrites and monitor this thread.
Thank you for answering my question regarding those 2 OSs.
I too get stuttering with the 77.77s with a mish-mosh of nforce drivers. I have not extensively tried this in games but when I installed the 6.66 nforce set, then the 5.10 GART only and installed the 77.54 disp driver set AFTERWARDS, I was able to run 3dmark05 through and through with no hitching. Failing that, you may want to check out the 80.40 drivers set, which seems to be the best for me. Also, as people cannot stresss enough, make_sure_fastwrites_are_OFF. The performance difference with it on or off is only noticable in benchmarks and really have no impact in games. Infact, I saw a small increase in Nexuiz with fastwrites off (odd eh?). Peace,