Cervelo P3 Carbon

!>http://www.cervelo.com/images/2005/2005-P3Carbon-click.gif! P3 Carbon. Bicycling magazine gave the Cervelo Time Trial/Triathlon bikes a top rating. Incredibly light, there are a bunch of models from the P2K, P2 SL to the PC, P3 SL and the top of the line P3 Carbon.
Super light and fast. Also, the R2.5 is traditional road bike that is incredibly light. Just 800 grams or so.
Several national federations
are working on a grace period so that people with old bikes can still
compete in events. But this grace period will likely only apply to bikes
purchased before January 1, 2000, so if you are looking to buy a new bike,
please ensure that your bike is approved by the UCI. And for more
information on a grace period, contact your own national federation.

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  1. markw Avatar

    Just test Rode the Cervelo R3 and the Soloist Carbon, both were ridden by Ivan Basso in Giro. The R3is very light and comfortable, the soloist is a bit stiffer and faster. I put a deposit on a R3!. Coming in August. Cervelo will not able to meet the demand!
    Thanks for the tip Mark. Great to hear from you! I have heard the R3 is great although Peter told me that they have some quality issues, which I’ve been unable to confirm

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