New Balance KJ 717

!New Balance KJ 717 NOG Boys. These are Calvin’s current favorite shoes. Hard to find, but thanks to the Internet, you can pick them out.
“Pricegrabber”: has them listed and the best merchant looks like “Fogdog”: but they only have a few sizes.
The best source seems to be “Zappos”: which has a big variety of New Balance but they are $65, the list price.
We used to use “Road Runner”: but they seem to have stocked out of many models. They do have a KJ718 which looks the successor to the KJ717 at just $45 compared with $65 list.
“Shoebuy”: is the other source. They stock the newer “KJ718s”: at $60 and the KJ766s rather than the 717s and the 745s that Calvin and Alex like. I’ve bought from them before and these are $50 and there are often sales and discounts.
I suspect that these are just small updates but have not tried them in store to know

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