Flac DirectShow Filter

Flac DirectShow Filter

CoreFlac Directshow Flac Decoder. I store my digital music in FLAC format. This is an open source lossless format. Winamp can play this back, but these folks have written a Directshow filter so anything that uses Directshow like Windows Media Player can now play it back.
Other projects by "Corecodec":http://corecodec.org include a Directshow ogg vorbis filter that lets Windows Media play that format back as well.
"Vorbis":http://www.vorbis.com/ also has a directshow filter that lets Windows Media player play back Ogg Vorbis, Flac, Speex which is probalby a better choice.

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  1. Plugin doesn’t work on 2 media center 2005 pc’s.
    De NTVDM-CPU heeft een ongeldige instructie aangetroffen.
    CS:0567 IP:0378 OP:63 73 73 22 3e Kies Sluiten om de toepassing af te sluiten.

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