The Invisible Shield Instructions


Application. This is the heavy plastic made by 3M. It has rather funky installation instructions. You basically:
# First get rid of scratches with “Applesauce Polish”:, this stuff removes light scratches
# Wash your own hands thoroughly to prevent contamination
# Turn off the iPod by holding the Play/Pause button for 10 seconds. Then engage the Hold switch so it won’t turn on.
# Mix 5-10 ounces of water with one small drop of liquid baby sampoo or liquid dish soap.
# Dip your finters into the soapy water and moisten both sides of the film and backing. Use the minimum amount you possibly can. Cover the earphone port and the iPod connector point with little pieces of tape.
# Pull the invisible SHIELD off its gacking
# Wed down your finters with the soap solution, then apply water with your fingers to the sticky under side of the film, weeting the entire surface
# Apply the invisibleSHIELKD to the surface and aline the edges. Take your time, you want to compare the corners and inside edges. Adjust by adding water and sliding
# Moisten the top with water again. Then while hodling the shield firmlin in place, use a credit card to gently squeegee the excess water out from under the film. Work your way out from the center. Then rub alon each edge flap, pressing all the water and bubbles out
# Wipe away excess water with the rag
# If the sides don’t stick down immediately, let the film site and dry for a minute, then wrap the material around the edges and hold down the problem areas for 20 seconds.
# Check the fit again, if you find you don’t the placement or notice bubbles, gently pull up the film and begin again. Do this *before* the film drives
# Allow the device to dry for 24 hours.