Applesauce Polish


Applesauce Polish: iPod/iBook Plastic Scratch Remover & Cleaner.. Here is how you use the stuff in a nutshell:
There are two solutions. The heavy SCratch Remover is for the front and back. It is followed by the Fine Scratch Remover and Protectant for the front and display.
Shake Well. Wipe surface to be polished with a clean cloth. Apply a single drop of polish to polishing cloth and allow to absorb. Polish one section of your iPod at a time, i.e. display, bottom, or sides. Avoid getting excess polish in the unsealed areas of your device. Polish in a straight line motion. Any fine marks left by the polish will be obvious as they will all be going the same direction. If your iPod is looking worse as you do this, then you may have picked up some contamination. Fold your polishing cloth so that you have a fresh, clean area and try again, this time at a 90 degree angle to the direction you went before. Alternate occasionally at 90 degrees during application.
You may notice that deeper scratches don’t seem to come out as easily. Applesauce is formulated to be safe for all iPods, and
contains very little abrasive. This means that deep scratches may require more effort to remove, but the payoff is that Applesauce will leave the surface looking like new.
The key to success is patience. 10-12 applications each polish may be needed for best results. Deeper scratches may require more applications. Don’t give up, the scratches will come out. Splitting the cleaning into 2-3 sessions may help.
Use only one polish with each polishing cloth. Reserve one cloth for the final wipedown. Place polishing cloths in separate zip lock bags to store between applications and to keep from contamination.