Video for iPod


So if you have one of these very cool 5G ipods, how do you get your home movies on there. Well, as usual, there is a mountain of technology to wade through to get to the answer. It all has to do with different standards out there. See below:
The Complete Guide to iPod Video Formats and Display Resolutions. A great discussion. It basically says, that the new video iPod supports MPEG-4 which is what is used inside Divx, xvid and lots of other players, but it does require conversion. It also supports the very cool latest technology called H.264 (how is that for a cool name) that is even higher compression. If you have a DVD, then that uses an older compression called MPEG-2 so it will definitely need to be compressed.
“Windows transcoders”: iLounge points to the new Videora converter. This takes an existing MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and converts it into the right format. There are a plethora. The most advanced is something called H.264 QB23. This is basically variable length encoding. As an example, our Fuji F10 takes 640×480 MPEG-4 videos and it produced a 50MB video file. The convertor turned it into a 4MB H.264 stream at 320×256 pixels.