Musicmatch Jukebox – World’s best music player. Well, I love Musicmatch and even though Yahoo has acquired it, it has served me faithfully.
It is the only one of the big players that did smart tagging right. That is, it lets you select the tags and make them accurate in batch. But alas, now that I have Chinese music, it has failed me.
Beware, the latest Musicmatch 10 doesn’t support international and the older Musicmatch 9 for Simplified Chinese won’t install on English Windows XP. Seems like those folks need to learn a little about Unicode. The main issue is that it converts all my Chinese tags in my MP3s to a alphabet soup. So sad.
I guess, I’ll have to start using iTunes more, but that doesn’t have this smart tagging thing. Or segregate music by Chinese vs English.

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