Red River Paper Profiles


Red River Paper Color Profiles Home. Am using this paper now, it requires a particular ICC. This is a profile that will ensure that the printed color looks like what you see on the screen . As usual, it is a little complicated, download the profile for the paper you bought in my case Red River 68 lb. UltraPro Gloss and then since there
# Unzip the appropriate profile. Right click on the .ICC file and click on the install. This copies the ICC file into the right place in Windows, typically c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color
# Unfortunately, what comes next is application dependent because every application handles color management on printers differently, but for Photoshop CS, here are the steps. Go to File/Print Preview. Click on Show More Options and click on the Color Management, you will see the profile list.
# In the Print Space , click on the Profile called as: _RR 68lb. UPGlos Ci9900.icc_ Select Intent Perceptual and Black Point Compensation
# Make sure you have the very latest printer drivers from "Canon": Currently this is version 1.75a. Now go to printer settings and make sure Media Type is _Photo Paper Pro_, Print Quality is _Custom{ and Color Adjustment is _Manual_
# Now click on the Set button next to Color Adjustment and you get yet another dialog box. Make sure Enable ICM and that Print Type is set to _None_. This basically turns all off all color management by the print driver so Photoshop just does it.
| Parameter | Required Setting |
| Paper Setting | Glossy Photo Paper |
| Quality | Fine |
| Color Management | Manual Color Adjustment – Print Type Set to “None |