Canon 350D Digital Rebel to Adobe Bridge to Photoshop CS2 to Canon i9900 and Red River Paper

I’m sure I posted before on this, but I always have a hard time finding all the instructions in one place to do this. Here are the steps: # Buy “Red River 68lb Glossy Paper”: It is very good stuff and not expensive. I use the 68lb Glossy that’s precut in 4×6 and 8×10 sizes […]

Adobe font pack

Argh, how strange. Adobe doesn’t use the native fonts of Windows, so you have to download a separate font pack for Adobe to read documents that don’t embed (which is most of them!) at “Adobe Reader 7 and below”: or for “Adobe Reader 8.0”:

Christmas Gifts and things

Well time to start thinking about Christmas, here are some gifts and some good deals right now: “Altec Lansing IM7”:,__11812335/sort_type=bottomline. I got one of these boomboxes for myself, but now I find that everyone seems to want one. They are expensive, but really work well, the sound is awesome. Right now Pricegrabber shows that J&R […]


Well in backing up a DVD, I tried DVD “Decrypter”: but it failed with some structure errors and it is old having been updated March 2005, the other two rippers to try are “DVD43”: which runs in the background and “Smart Ripper”: which is now hard to find.

Emerald Directions

! Jin Xiu Road –> Hua Mu Road –> Yang Gao Road –> Century Avenue –> Lujiazui Pudong Airport 20 minutes Hu Nan Road –> Outer Ring Road –> Pudong Airport Hongqiao Airport 30 minutes Hu Nan Road –> Outer Ring Road –> Xu Pu Bridge –> Outer Ring Road –> Hongqiao Airport Bund (Wai […]

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