Lense Filters


Tong Family Blog: good piece on filters was something I needed again, now that got the 10-22 lense and the 100-400, its time to make sure that the lenses stay protected. Fortunately, they all use the same 77mm filter so I can swap. The net of the piece is that you should B+W even though it costs more, but if you can’t afford it Tiffen is OK. Really cheap filters are terrible. BTW, Nikon filters are good, but apparently folks don’t like Canon, so you’ve been warned. “B&H”:http://bhphotovideo.com has most of them and “pricegrabber”:http://www.pricegrabber.com/rating_getprodrev.php/masterid=726602/id_type=M has some good user reviews. Also “mpire”:http://mpire.com/buyer/results.page?query=filter+haze+010+mrc+ show quite a few of these on auction for less. The typical one seems to be the B+W 77MM MRC UV 010 Haze Filter.

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