Christmas Gifts and things

Christmas Gifts and things

Well time to start thinking about Christmas, here are some gifts and some good deals right now:

"Altec Lansing IM7":,__11812335/sort_type=bottomline. I got one of these boomboxes for myself, but now I find that everyone seems to want one. They are expensive, but really work well, the sound is awesome. Right now Pricegrabber shows that J&R sells them for $170, but if you use Google Checkout, you get a $10 discount that just covers the $11.72 shipping. The $170 price is about as low as I've ever seen them.

"Apple MacBook 17":,__28215799/sort_type=bottomline. For the geek that has absolutely everything, this is a desktop replacement notebook that costs $2800 direct from Apple plus sales tax. It is hard to find discounts on Apple, but there are two deals, first, Next Warehouse has them for $2665 or about $150 off and you will also find people with rebates like Macconnection that are at about the same level. If you don't mind getting last years model, the older 2.16GHz Intel Core is available for around $2100, which is a pretty good deal if you love the screen but don't need the screaming dual core performance and 2GB of memory (not me, I want it all!)

"Buffalo LinkStation Pro 500GB":,__28215799/sort_type=bottomline. I got this for the house and was skeptical because stuff like this normally doesn't work, but this little guy has 500GB of storage and plugs into a gigabit ethernet. It is very fast and very quiet. Also has a nice piece of software that does auto backup, plus it can be a web server too. Discounts are hard to get, but both Nextwarehouse and PCNation has it for $287. A bargain!

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  1. I’m curious about NAS devices. I have an Infrant X6, expensive but beefy. Hot swappable drives, full RAID support, etc. Gig ethernet as well. The trick is having a gigabit switch at home wired to a pc with gig ethernet. Worse yet when you have wireless moving those big megapixel camera files around still takes lots of time and I have not bought a 802.11n (draft) router with gig ethernet yet.

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