No nVidia GART in PCIe systems and never nVidia IDE


DFI Forums – NF4 SLI-D – tweaking windows (video for NF4 LanParty) *mirror added*. _OK, this clears up the myths about what to do about when you need the various nVidia drivers, it is confusing because in fact, on modern systems, you don’t want any of it but the video drivers…._

In a PCI-Express system, there is no need for a GART driver since it ONLY affect AGP bus (and there’s no AGP bus in a PCI-E system…)

As for nVidia IDE driver. I’ve not found it necessary at all unless running RAID (and really only RAID-1 for rebuilding an array as RAID-0…if it gets hosed…you’ve lost everything).

The IDE driver also can cause many conflicts, bsod’s, freezes, as well as stop your cd/dvd writer from performing properly.