Sharing Files with Azureus and BitTorrent

Sharing Files with Azureus and BitTorrent

Host and share your torrents - AzureusWiki. Wow, it is really easy to share your files with the Azureus client using the BitTorrent protocol.

Basically, what you do is to choose File/Share and then you can share files. This is really great because the BitTorrent sharing means that the shares are very robust over the unreliable internet and if you have someone else who has downloaded, they pick up the burden of sharing. Cool.

Basically, what you have to do is:

# Have a router that understand uPNP, this allows Azureus to open up magic port 6969. You then from the Options dialog can use to figure out your IP address
# make sure your servers firewall allows udp inbound connections to port 6881 (the default azureus sharing port). the free zonealarm does not allow this but the comcast mcafee bundled one does
# maker you don;t have safepeer loaded
# Then choose share a folder or file
# Anyone who wants to downlaod then goes to http://youripaddress:6969/ to find the files you've shared.

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