Epic Powder

SkiWashington.Com. Got up on Friday to Snoqualmie (conditions were just OK, it was kind of too warm and the powder was wet, but lots of fun), but Saturday was awesome at Crystal. The boys and I skied black diamonds all day and found lots of powder still around. Larry over at skiwashington did even better…

bq. Hope you rode some of the untracked powder last Wed-Saturday. I was at Crystal Thursday and Friday. The best two days of powder skiing in my life! Every run – untracked powder. First tracks down Paradise Bowl Friday morning – 46 linked powder turns! Southback late Friday was 3 ft plus of deep, dry snow down Damn Fine Forest. Thursday morning, as the mountain opened, I was on the 25th chair up –I’d never seen the whole mountain untracked with 1-3ft of deep powder, as we headed up.

Good news is that it won’t stop, it will be cold this week and 1000 foot snow levels and this weekend could be good again. There is a $DIETY!

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