Quick and convenient to the Convention Center

Review of: Hilton Garden Inn
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 4
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We were there for the State Chess Tournament. I hate to admit it but having lived in Seattle for 18 years, we’ve never been to the Tri-cities, so literally didn’t know what to expect. First of all, its super quick to get there. Just 3 hours from Seattle. The Hilton Garden is *the* place to stay if you’ve got something at the Convention Center. It is across the street. The rate was really great. $75 a night and that includes free broadband Internet access! Doesn’t include breakfast though. That’s $8 but include omelets made to order, waffles, etc. $4 for kids.

The staff there is Washington friendly. The only real bummer is the pool is pretty small, although the hot tub is warm. So if you’ve got a family thing out there, the price is good and the rooms are fine, plus there is broadband and free printing from your computer.

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  1. cassian Avatar

    Agree! HGI was superconvenient but the swimming pool was like sitting in the tub with our kids.
    one thing I found out – Google Maps isn’t the answer for everything- it routed us from Seattle to Kennewick through WA 243 and WA 240 – 60 miles of barren landscape with no rest stops or gas stations on a two-way undivided one-lane highway.
    We took Mapquest back on I-82 – multilinae divided and beautiful canyons- much more civilized!

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