Mini DVD Media

Mini DVD (DVD-R) Mini DVD (DVD-RW) Camcorder Video Media – If we are going to get a mini DVD Camcorder, you need special 8cm media to put in there. Here is Pricegrabbers list.

The choices are essentially

* DVD-R which is write once and stores 20 minutes worth of video. They are about $5 per disk from “Sony”:
* “Sony DVD-RW”: which lets you read and write and is great if you are going to copy off to a PC and edit. These are $11 a pop,
* “JVC DVD-RW dual sided”:,__8099480/sort_type=bottomline. You can actually flip these over to double recording times. They are really expensive at $15 a 1crack.

Seems like the best choice is actually the DVD-R for most common use. That way, you just produce a DVD. If you want to edit it, read it into a computer and go. This media is much more expensive than tape, but it just pops into a DVD player which is nice.

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