Mini DVD Consumables

If you buy a DVD camcorder, then you are going to need lots of:

* Verbatim Mini DVD-R 1.4GB 4X DigitalMov (Verbatim-95089) – This is a 5 pack and Verbatim has been reliable for me in the past. They are about $13, so about $3.50 each from
* “Sony 3 Pack DVD-RW”: These are the read writeable versions. So you can record and when you are done, you can delete and start all over. They are just slightly more expensive at $15 for a 3 pack or $5 each.
* “Memorex 10 pack DVD-R”:,__14613633/sort_type=bottomline. If you are feeling lucky, these are just $22 or about $2.20 each. No idea if they will work reliably though and it ain’t a great time to find out right _after_ the big piano recital you taped.

For my money, I’d say the DVD-RWs are the deal because if you use them even once again, you are saving money.

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