Web 2.0 Logins 10 per day

I’m on a campaign to have a logon for every Web 2.0 company coming on line. I sign up for roughly 10 companies or so a week, but it looks like I need to accelerate to keep up, so I’m setting the goal at 10 per day! Major hat tip ot “Techcrunch”:http://techcrunch.com which Jonathan told me was the source of 10,000 users if you just a get a listing there!

Here are some of the latest and a quick review of them and most important get “rich” as my login!

* edgeio: Welcome. This is the company that the “Techcrunch”:http://techcrunch.com guy started. It appears to be a classified listing site. Cool I got “rich” as my login
* “Vpod.tv”:http://vpod.tv. Not yet released, but is yet another video editing site.
* “Alexaholic”:http://alexaholic.com. This lets you graph up to five different sites for review on alexa. Very useful for seeing where various sites are.
* “Feeds2.0”:http://feeds2.com. A Greek site, this is yet another RSS news reader
* “Jumpcut”:http://jumpcut.com. The latest int he line of video sharing services chasing youtube which by the way took another. Main feature is that it allows you to remix videos automatically and other editing
* “$8M”:http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/blogspotting/archives/2006/04/youtube_raises.html from Sequoia
* “Videoegg”:http://videoegg.com. This is another site that does video editing.
* “Motionbox”:http://motionbox.com. This is the si
* “Grouper”:http://grouper.com. This site has the best visual browsing with an 8×8 thumbnail set and auto highlight when you go over. Also, it has a nice way to view videos with a kind of wheel of text on the right. Try it.
* “Riya”:http://riya.com. This site sponsors techcrunch. They are photo search company that has facial recognition to find folsk, so might be pretty cool. You have to do a massive upload of your pictures though so that it can then run around and try to find people.
* “Omnidrive”:http://omnidrive.com. Another see it everywhere page.
* “Netvibes.com”:http://netvibes.com. Yet another portal application. It really uses AJAX quit a bit and lets you throw things in from many different sites. You can think of it as a portal where you can pick pieces from everywhere. Using the different widgets lets you see what are the hot companies.
* “Nowpublic.com”:http://nowpublic.com. This is lets you share your news and it looks like a photo and video sharing plus tagging plus blogging site. The idea is citizen journalism. Post a story and then get it rated.
* “Valleywag”:http://valleywag.com. This is a silicon valley gossip column with tags and all the latest stuff.
* “Vizrea”:http://vizrea.com. Ex-Microsoft buddies are doing easy photo sharing and also when you take a photo from your cell phone, it automatically (if you’ve got Symbian) appears on the web for you.
* “Kayak”:http://kayak.com. Funded by General Catalyst and AOL, this is a travel fare and hotel aggregation site.
* “Amazon S3”:http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html/103-0899765-2303837?node=16427261. This is pay-as-you-go storage for web developers. Great for folks who are building sites and don’t want to set up a whole server quite yet.

And finally, before I go to bed, what better way to end than a sign up for “mecanbe”:http://mecanbe.com. This lets you set your life goals and is a self improvement site.

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